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About Plastigo

Plastigo provides plastics processing industry with a wide range of injection molding machines and the relevant additional equipment. We offer our customers integrated system solutions – machines, auxiliary equipment, automation, training and service.

Depending on customers’ needs and expectations, we offer precise, flexible and user-friendly injection molding machines suitable for all injection technology, equipped with the latest innovations in energy efficiency, injection molding speed or environment protection. Start with hydraulic injection molding machines in affordable price, right up to the most advanced all electric models.

Our goal is to provide customers a comprehensive service, not only high quality machinery but also professional service. We offer support at every stage of our cooperation: assistance in choosing the right type of injection molding machine, technical support, assembly and start-up the machine.

Support is in our standard!

Our offer


Borche injection molding machines:

Servo Machine BS series
Borch AC Servo Power Saving Injection Molding Machine adopts European technical standards with features of high-speed and high-precision, energy-saving, high-stability and high-reliability. It can be widely applied in home appliances, car interiors, construction, medical industries and it can be particularly applied in electronic connectors, digital camera parts, mobile phone accessories, LCD module parts, gears and other high precision products. Now it has passed national 1-level energy-saving certification.

Full electric machine BE series The key design of this machine features a separate Preplasticising screw feeding a independent Injection Plunger. The advantages are:
Preplasticising screw is stationary (does not reciprocate like conventional screw) and does not have check ring enabling:

  • Fully homogenized melt due to a constant plasticizing heat profile.
  • Constant melt viscosity.
  • Can process higher percentage regrind.
  • Injection Plunger design inherently reliable due to fast response, low mass

  • which enables:
  • High speed filling from start of injection.
  • High repeatability of the fill volume with constant fill time.
  • Constant holding pressure in constant time.

All above result in production of technical and critical components with maximum repeatability on a continued basis alongwith all the other known advantages of allelectric machines.

Hybrid machine BH series
BH Hybrid Series plasticizes separately by servo motor and have high-speed injection unit supported by accumulator. It could meet the special requirements of customers such as high-speed, high-precision and slim products.

Multi-Mat BM Series The design of Borch control software is based on the concept of “ONE SYSTEM FOR ALL MACHINE”. The structure is in the form of modular which can be expanded to fulfill the needs of different Multi-material injection molding machine including ‘L’ type, ‘V’ type, ‘P’ type,3 color machine& 4 color machine.

Two platen machine BU series Borch BU series two platen IMM from European two platen technologies is developed by Borch and European R & D team. BU series IMM has got over ten technology patents and the technology is in the international leading level of IMM industry. BU series two platen IMM is suitable for the complex product of large deep cavity such as commodities, home appliances, automotive parts, logistic turnover boxes and large trays, etc.


We offer a wide range of Shini auxiliary equipment, which have extensive application in various stages of the production cycle, in scope of:

  • Drying & Dehumidifying
  • Feeding & Conveying
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Dosing & Mixing
  • Granulating

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